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e-Learning Revolution

I heard an excellent radio documentary on CBC's Sunday School program hosted by Michael Enright last week.

The documentary outlined the benefits and challenges of the boom in e-learning / distance learning that is currently going on at universities across Canada and the US. Many Universities are now [...]

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Proven e-learning for Your Company

On Demand Academy is proven e-learning system using the state of the art software developed by GradPass Systems Inc. It is designed specifically for corporate training requirements and can easily help reduce training costs while improving your company's training capabilities.
Like most e-learning [...]

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The On Demand Academy Evolution

Over the last two years, On Demand Academy has evolved from an e-learning site focused exclusively on office software tools to an e-learning framework that any company can use to effectively train staff in any discipline.

We have had many requests from clients asking if our system could be used for [...]

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