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Initial Launch Update

Our On Demand Academy team is still working on some of the much anticipated graphic design work as well as finalizing 2 areas of testing.

We have revised our live launch date to January 25 2013 to ensure that these tasks are completed.

You can work through the demo pages to see how the site works [...]

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Initial Launch of On Demand Academy

On Demand Academy is scheduled to launch January 15, 2013. New account setups will be available on that date.

We are busy putting the final touches on the site to ensure that all goes smoothly.

In the meantime, if you would like to see how On Demand Academy works, try going through the [...]

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How On Demand Academy Works

To get started, create your trial account by clicking the button on the home page. This creates a new group with you as the lead instructor and administrator.

As the Administrator you have access to the Admin Dashboard, the Courses Dashboard and the Tests Dashboard.

On the Admin Dashboard you can [...]

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To SCORM or not to SCORM??

SCORM is a set of standards set out by the US Department of Defense in 2004. The standard is an attempt to make all learning content used in online LMS systems easily transportable from one LMS to another. It is also intended to help reduce cost and improve efficiency of the systems.

Read more about [...]

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New Test Module Release

The ability to set up full function TESTS is now available with many enhancements to our previous testing module.

On Demand Academy has launched a completely revised and fully comprehensive testing component that allows greater capability to set up and administer tests remotely. In [...]

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