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Bring e-learning to your small business with a few straight-forward steps


Posted by : Denis LePage on Feb 28, 2013

With tight learning budgets and limited manpower in small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), many managers think that taking their employee training and development online is out of reach for their company. However, with the right online tools and a bit of energy up-front, SMEs can offer high-quality, interactive learning programs for their employees, anywhere, anytime and at an affordable price. What’s more, many companies have the material they need to take the leap to online learning right now. Here is what you need to do:

• Pick a learning management system that suits your needs. A learning management system (LMS) allows you to offer courses and tests, track the progress of each learner, engage learners in forum discussions and so much more. Look for a system that is user-friendly, competitively-priced, customizable and that offers good customer service.

• Prepare your current learning material. Gather the learning material your company is currently using (such as training manuals, videos, presentations, graphs, images and more). Divide the material into smaller sub-sections and save these as individual ‘lessons’. Upload the material to your LMS and then group several lessons together to create the full ‘course’.

• Create quizzes and tests. Want to really drive the point home with your learners? Adding short quizzes at the end of specific lessons will give learners the opportunity to reflect on what they just learned. Tests at the end of the course will indicate how well they understood and retained information.

• Update your material anytime. Be sure your employees are getting the latest and greatest information from your courses by keeping it fresh and up-to-date. Plus, be on the look-out for opportunities to replace or enhance simple text material with images, audio and video. Adding audio clips of conversations with customers or videos of employees performing specific tasks will help others learn.

Get your employees the training and development they need to make your business as successful as possible. Ready to get started?