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Motivating employees to learn


Posted by : Learning Expert on Jun 3, 2013

Making sure your employees have up-to-date and relevant skills will help them do their best on the job. But simply offering great training and development opportunities is not enough. Managers also need to help employees stay motivated to learn. How? Here are a few things you can do.

• Set learning goals and track progress: Talk to employees about the skills they need or want to develop now and in the future. Then, help them find suitable training and development opportunities inside and outside the organization. If your company offers e-learning courses internally through a learning management system, you can easily monitor employees as they work towards their learning goals. Have discussions regularly about learning goals at individual or team meetings.

• Make learning accessible: E-learning is a great way to make your company’s learning material available across space and time. Whether everyone works under one roof, across town or across the country, offering learning online likely means everyone can access it anytime, anywhere.

• Use a variety of learning formats: Combine online and offline learning and reap the benefits of both types. E-learning courses are great for sharing information, generating discussion and running tests. On the other hand, mentoring, assignments and face-to-face seminars can give employees hands-on, practical experience. With On Demand Academy’s learning management system, you can include offline learning requirements in any e-learning course.

• Make it interactive: Reading a paper manual cover to cover can be daunting. Putting your training material into an e-learning course and including videos, images, quizzes and tests keeps things interesting and interactive. On Demand Academy lets you do that. Other tools we offer include a wiki for employees to share valuable information and online discussion forums.

• Celebrate success: Recognize employees that have completed training and development programs through special events, personalized letters from managers and more. With On Demand Academy, you can also present employees with personalized completion certificates for each e-learning course or group of courses.

Motivation comes easier for some than others. However, showing your company’s commitment to helping employees learn will drive them to continue expanding their skills and performing their best.