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Motivating employees to learn

Making sure your employees have up-to-date and relevant skills will help them do their best on the job. But simply offering great training and development opportunities is not enough. Managers also need to help employees stay motivated to learn. How? Here are a few things you can do.

• Set learning [...]

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Get social with us

Now you can connect with On Demand Academy through Facebook, Twitter (@LearnRightNow) and

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Bring e-learning to your small business with a few straight-forward steps

With tight learning budgets and limited manpower in small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), many managers think that taking their employee training and development online is out of reach for their company. However, with the right online tools and a bit of energy up-front, SMEs can offer high-quality, [...]

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On Demand Academy E-learning System Release

The online learning system that’s right for your company!

Now you can create your own fully customized, e-learning system! Don't spend tens of thousands of dollars hiring [...]

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We're Live!

We're proud to announce that as of noon January 25 2013, On Demand Academy is now open.

Open a trial account and see how easy it is to move your training online and take advantage of all the power the internet has to offer.


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