About On Demand Academy

Gradpass Systems Inc. Founder, Denis LePage

At On Demand Academy, we love learning and want others to learn too!

Through the easy-to-use e-learning software developed by Gradpass Systems Inc., you get what you need to deliver effective training and testing programs for your employees or customers. What’s more, you can offer those programs at a fraction of the cost of face-to-face or paper-based training.

The On Demand Academy team works with you to present your courses and tests in the most effective way, to maximize the interactivity of your courses, to customize easy-to-use tracking features and more. Our extensive experience in website development and corporate training has shown us what takes to make online learning work well.

Our team can also help you prepare material for your courses and tests. Our experience in video and audio production, copywriting, design and more will ensure your learning materials are professional, comprehensive and effective programs.


About the On Demand Academy Team

Denis LePage, Founder, B.Sc., B.Comp., B.P. (banjo player!)

Denis LePage founded On Demand Academy on the principle that learning should be an engaging, interactive and rewarding experience.

Throughout his career as a parts distribution executive, a service shop owner, a musician, an IT executive and a college instructor, Denis has always used his passion for learning and his love of technology to help those around him strive to be better and to find better ways to learn. Whether it was training staff on new automotive products, training technicians new service procedures, teaching aspiring banjo players, or teaching programming skills to IT students, he has always tried to make learning engaging and rewarding for both the instructor and the student. Denis continues to place high value on education in his personal and professional life and firmly believes that everyone can improve through learning.

Gradpass Systems Inc. is the manifestation of this philosophy. On Demand Academy uses the e-learning engine developed by the team at Gradpass Systems Inc. to bring together instructors, instruction materials, learners and reward systems in corporate environments. Through the use of today's technologies, Denis's dream of establishing an engaging, easy to use, easy to access learning environment is one step closer.


Mitch LePage, B.A. BEd. MEd

Mitch LePage has joined On Demand Academy as an Educational Consultant. Until his recent retirement, Mitch enjoyed a 31 year career in public education, serving as a classroom teacher, IT consultant, school administrator and for the past 12 years, as Superintendent of Education. Most recently, until his retirement in August 2013, Mitch assumed the role of Acting Director of Education and CEO leading an organization with 21,000 students, 2,600 employees and a budget of $230 million dollars.  His varied background includes leadership of Information and Technology Services, Special Education, Policy Development, Aboriginal Education and Parent Engagement portfolios. In addition, Mitch was responsible for the supervision of area school operations and curriculum delivery. Mitch’s knowledge of exemplary instructional practice and familiarity with eLearning systems ensure continued engagement in the On Demand Academy user experience


Rachel Shuttleworth, B.Comm, MBA

How Rachel finds time to help us out at On Demand Academy is a mystery to everyone. When she's not not tending to her bouncing baby boy or working her full time position, she brings her penchant for strategic communications and her passion for creative marketing to On Demand Academy. We are thankful for the time she is able to contribute! Rachel has 10 years of experience in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. She has a Masters, Business Administration with a specialization in strategic management and a Bachelor of Arts, Honours Communications. Her love of language and globetrotting tendencies have allowed her to work or volunteer in various countries in English and French. She also speaks some Spanish but like most people ‘Cerveza, por favor’ were the first words she learned in that language.


Jordie LePage, RGG, VP (Really Great Guy and Video Professional!)

Jordie’s photographic and cinematophic work are his testament that money can in fact grow on trees – that is, if you live surrounded by the breathtaking landscapes of British Columbia, have the right skills and own a good camera. As a graphic designer, photographer and cinematographer, Jordie has worked on audio-visual projects focusing on nature, business, sports and more through the production company he co-founded, Capri Studios. Jordie is the creative eye and the graphic design mastermind at On Demand Academy.