With On Demand Academy, you get the very best for your company.

Our learning management system lets you:

  • Get started quickly. Save time and get the most out of the materials you have already. Use your current text documents, videos, audio clips, images, presentations, spreadsheets and more to create online courses. Plus, update sections of your courses anytime so learners always have access to the latest and greatest information.
  • Track progress. Monitor the progress of individual learners and your company as a whole. Access progress reports for each learner enrolled in courses to see start dates, lessons viewed, test and quiz results and lots more. Plus, see summary reports of who has completed which courses in your company.
  • Assess performance. Put learners to the test and get them ready for action. Use quizzes and tests to help learners apply what they know and to build their confidence. Test results will also help you decide if learners need any additional learning or support.
  • Make it social. Learners have valuable information – help them to share it with others. They can post text, videos, links, images and more on the wiki, or can post comments for others in forums. Encouraging learners to interact with each other makes learning interesting, empowering and fun.
  • Blend learning. Enhance learning even further by including mentoring, assignments, seminars and other offline learning tools as requirements for your courses. Blending online and face-to-face learning gives learners a mix of different experiences and can benefit all types of learners.
  • Build your brand. Feature your company logo and messages throughout your learning site. Create a customized homepage on your learning site and get a direct URL. Customizing your learning site gives exposure to your brand and offers a look and feel that is familiar and comfortable for your learners.