Terms of Use for OnDemandAcademy.com


You agree to the following conditions:

  1. Gradpass Systems Inc and OnDemandAcademy.com are not responsible for the content of the materials presented in courses, lessons, tests, quizzes and forums or any other materials used by instructors and learners on the OnDemandAcademy.com website..
  2. Abuse of the OnDemandAcademy.com website by any learner or instructor may result in immediate termination of login privileges and licences without refund.
  3. GradPass Systems Inc. and OnDemandAcademy.com do not condone the use of any obscene, inappropriate or offensive material. Use of this material by any learner or instructor will result in immediate termination of login privileges without refund.
  4. You agree that OnDemandAcademy.com has the right to take the site offline for short periods of time to perform regular maintenance. During this time learning materials will not be available.
  5. Upon free trial account sign up, OnDemandAcademy.com grants the account holder a perpetual license to use the OnDemandAcademy.com website. This licence includes, the right to view free instruction materials and samples, download free samples, participate in free course programs and forums. These rights are granted for the exclusive use of the account holder only. OnDemandAcademy.com reserves the right to immediately discontinue trial accounts at any time for any reason.
  6. All videos, logos, instruction materials, and intellectual properties used by clients of OnDemandAcademy.com are the exclusive property of the copyright holder or the intellectual property owner. These may not be copied, reproduced or redistributed in any way withour permission of the copyright holder. Any reproduction , redistribution or misuse of the instructional materials or any of the intellectual property associated with OnDemandAcadmy.com will result in either the immediate termination of the licensed account without refund or in the removal of the offendin property.
  7. Account holders agree that any copying, reproduction or distribution of any videos, trademarks, logos, text or multimedia material, in part or in whole is prohibited and understand that any violation of this will result in immediate termination of the licence and possible legal action.
  8. OnDemandAcademy.com is not responsible for periodic interruptions caused by internet service providers, data transmission service providers or web hosting service providers.
  9. OnDemandAcademy.com is not responsible for providing minimum client system configurations or for performance degradation as a result of inadequately equipped, serviced or configured client systems.
  10. OnDemandAcademy.com warrants that it will endeavour to resolve service ineruptions caused by its own system components as quickly as possible.
  11. OnDemandAcademy.com may use a third party site to process online payments and is not responsible for any erroneous charges made by that third party.
  12. OnDemandAcademy.com does not maintain records of any credit card or general credit information for any person.
  13. The software used by OnDemandAcademy.com is owned and copyrighted by Gradpass Systems inc. Licence holders of OnDemandAcademy.com and Gradpass Systems inc. software may not resell the software to any third party or use the software for any purpose other than the purpose for which the licence was originally granted without express written permission from Gradpass Systems Inc.
  14. OnDemandAcademy.com and Gradpass Systems Inc. does not guarantee that Certificates of Achievement will be available to the appropriate persons in perpetuity.


  1. Upon payment of the applicable fees OnDemandAcademy.com grants the fee payer the right to use the OnDemandAcademy.com software including scripts in any language and database management systems for the period of time covered by the fee.
  2. Instructors agree that you will use only teaching materials for which you are the owner of the copyright or of the intellectual rights. You warrant that you have the right to copy, reproduce, distrubute and use all of the materials that are included in your teaching material. Any use of any intellectual property not owned by you may result in termination of the licence without refund or removal of the property.
  3. You agree that you will not use offensive, obscene, pornographic or inappropriate images, language or materials on the GradPass.com website including in the lessons, courses, forums, tests, quizzes and e-mails or in any other materials or areas.
  4. You agree that each course description will accurately reflect the true nature and content of that course.
  5. You agree that OnDemandAcademy.com and Gradpass Systems Inc are not responsible for disputes arising from lesson content, course descriptions or course requirements.
  6. You agree that you will provide and maintain a legitimate e-mail address for your instructor account and will make this available to your learners. You also agree that you will regularly check this e-mail and respond to messages from your learners on a timely basis..


  1. You agree that courses are the responsibility of the instructor and any disputes are to be settled with the instructor of the course, lesson, test or forum.
  2. You agree that you will not use offensive, obscene, pornographic or inappropriate language or materials on the OnDemandAcademy.com website including the forums, tests, quizzes and e-mails.
  3. You agree that any online payments for courses or lessons are may be completed using PayPal or another third party payment utility and that OnDemandAcademy.com and GradPass Systems Inc are not responsible for any errors or disputes arising from the use of any third pary payment utility.
  4. You agree that any refunds are not the responsibility of OnDemandAcademy.com or of Gradpass Systems Inc.
  5. You agree that all the course materials including lessons, test, quizzes,samples and forums are the sole responsibility of the instructor. These materials are not sanctioned by OnDemandAcademy.com or of GradPass Systems Inc. nor do they reflect the opinions of OnDemandAcademy.com of of GradPass Systems Inc.
  6. You agree that OnDemandAcademy.com the right to take the site offline for short periods of time to perform regular maintenance. During this time learning materials will not be available.
  7. You agree that the Certificate of Completion and the Certificate of Achievement issued upon successful completion of a course is the sole responsibility of the instructor and with it or implies no third party certification of any kind. You agree that these certificates represent only that the requirements of the course, as specified by the instructor, have been completed.

Refund Policy:

  1. Gradpass Systems Inc. offers a refund of 50% of the original licence fee to licence holders within 48 hours of the purchase of the licence. No refund is issued after 48 hours.
  2. No other fees including are refundable.

 Renewal Policy:

  1. GradPass Systems Inc.and OnDemandAcademy.com do not automatically renew licences on their expiry date. GradPass Systems Inc will notify licencees at least 21 days prior of the upcoming expiry that a payment is required for licence renewal.
  2. GradPass Systems Inc agrees that licences will only be renewed with the express consent of the license holder. Payment of the annual licence fee is considered to be written consent of licence renewal.
  3. Renewal fees will be based on the rates in force at the time of renewal and may change at the discretion of Gradpass Systems Inc.
  4. Any applicable renewal rate discounts will only apply to licences that are renewed prior to the expiration date of the current licence. 
  5. Annual licence fees are due 15 days prior to the anniversary date of the licence. Failure to pay the annual fees on or prior to this due date may result in suspension of the licence.
  6. Licencees may terminate a licence at anytime without prior notice. However, no refund is issued for terminated licences.